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Everyone has to start somewhere, right? This is where I’m starting. I’m a twenty-something young professional that lives on the cutting edge of media. I also write, as you’ll see in this blog. Beyond Ry(me) or Reason, you might know me from my contributions to FLY magazine, based in Lancaster, Pa. I also work behind the scenes on Advance Internet’s 11 news websites as a web producer on a night and weekend desk.

As for Ry(me) or Reason, this blog will encompass all that interests me in life, including music, movies, TV, media and advertising. This is merely a starting point. So sit back, click a few posts and enjoy your stay. And remember, feedback, whether it be good or bad, is the best way for a writer and publication to know if it’s heading in the right direction, so feel free to comment and interact with me.


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