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July 12, 2010 / Ryan Cohick

The Felice Brothers and Long’s Park make for a perfect evening

The Felice Brothers


If I didn’t know what a perfect evening outdoors was before, I do now. Picture it. The temperature is in the upper-70’s, the humidity is low, there’s not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining brightly as it gets set to sink below the horizon.

This was the setting Sunday night as I took a seat on a blanket laid out on a perfect patch of grass at Long’s Park to see the Felice Brothers in concert.

The best part? The concert was part of “The Free! Long’s Park Summer Series.” Through this, a number of sponsors will make a total of 13 free concerts at the park’s amphitheater possible. That means one can enjoy and potentially explore new artists all in the beautiful outdoor setting that is Long’s Park.

Long's Park Amphitheater

The perfect atmosphere at Long's Park as the Felice Brothers play in the distance.

Now I’ve heard of the Felice Brothers before, mostly due in part to XPN. Interestingly enough, XPN wasn’t a sponsor of this concert. Does this have something to do with their recent cutbacks? (A shameless plug, I know, but a legitimate question considering the station is probably what exposed many of the concertgoers to the band in the first place.)

If you’ve ever heard a Felice Brothers track, it’s most likely “Frankie’s Gun,” a great little ditty that will easily get stuck in your head for days on end. I’m in no way a music expert, especially when it comes to the great Bob Dylan, but this song instantly reminds me of some of his work. (Please, correct me if I’m wrong, or make your own connections in my comment section below.)

The bottom line for the group is that they have a great eclectic sound that appeals to many age groups. Their music is generally lighthearted, which made it perfect for an outdoor concert of this type.

If you decide to catch any of the remaining free concerts at Long’s Park this summer, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Even if you’re unfamiliar with the artist, the atmosphere is great to take a blanket and to just relax on the outskirts of the crowd. There’s a great hill that provides a decent view without having to be too close to the stage. In fact, my entire group decided lying down and staring at the cloudless evening sky was the perfect way to enjoy the start of the concert.
  • The atmosphere is great for picnicking, especially if you’re going to just relax and to take in the music. Keep in mind that the park has a no-alcohol policy, which is a bit unfortunate, but keeps the fun clean.
  • If you forget food, there are a number of great vendor stands available. The prices aren’t terribly high: I paid $6 for a delicious and big pulled-pork sandwich while a friend paid $5 for a medium bucket of handcut french fries.
  • Take your dog or take a frisbee! Both are perfectly acceptable. Frisbees and footballs were visible flying through the air throughout the concert. (Don’t worry, they were a safe distance away.)
  • Take sunscreen and sunglasses for when the sun is out and then have bug spray on the ready for when the sun sets.
  • Take a sweatshirt, especially if you’re sitting on a blanket. The temperature got quite cool near the ground once the sun set.
  • Finally, we parked at Park City Center and entered the park via a walkway that goes under US-30, which provided us with a hassle-free parking spot that allowed us to avoid sitting in traffic after the concert.

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