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April 1, 2010 / Ryan Cohick

Plenty of online pranks for Aprils Fools’ Day 2010

Google goes Topeka


I’ve seen so many April Fools’ Jokes today, I decided the perfect place to tell you all about them would be to write a quick blog post. But act fast, because I’m sure the jokes won’t last past 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Google goes Topeka

Internet giant Google is loaded with April Fools’ jokes today. The most obvious is visible if you simply go to the Google homepage. There you will find the Google logo replaced with ‘Topeka.’ That’s because Topeka, Kansas changed its name to Google for a month as part of its push to become one of the test city’s for Google’s high-speed broadband. So go Topkea something already while I move on to the next topic!

Google Romance


If you’re looking for true love, your next stop should be Google Romance (in beta of course), “where you can post all types of romantic information and, using our Soulmate Search™, get back search results that could, in theory, include the love of your life.” If you’re enough of a “sleaze,” try uploading multiple profiles with a bulk upload file. Be sure you click around – just to see what options you have (wink wink).

Upload anything to Google Docs


It wasn’t long ago that Google announced you could upload and share any file to the cloud at no cost. Well, today (and today only), you can upload anything to Google Docs. They suggest everything from your keys, to your cell phone, to a grand piano. If you click to sign up, you’ll be taken to a questionnaire to fill out, where you can specify what you plan to use the service for. I’m sure you can come up with plenty of ideas for the “Other” option, right?

Starbucks goes huge and miniature in size


Let’s take a break from Google for a moment (more later). Instead let’s focus on Starbucks’ big announcement of the day: even more choice in beverage size. Customers can now go with the ultra tiny Micra (2 fl oz) or the ginormous Plenta (128 fl oz!). The environmentally-conscious coffee company recommends you recycle your Plenta cup and use it as other things, such as a popcorn receptacle, yoga block and more. The scary thing about this joke is I could see people willingly ordering the ultra large Plenta. As for the Micra, I can imagine Starbucks charging $3 for the 2 oz of delicious brown liquid.

ABC’s new programming


Today (and, once again, today only) ABC is announcing its new lineup of TV shows for your viewing pleasure. The URL I just used isn’t nearly as fun as going to ABC’s homepage and seeing the shows displayed as if all was normal. Oh, and if a show called “The Blind Sayid” (with the tagline “Football is torture”) came on, I would totally watch it! Of course, for you non-“Lost” fans, there is plenty to choose from, such as “W” (“The series that happens after ‘V'”) and “Dancing with the Tsars.”

Everyone is in charge today on Reddit


Commence with the chaos. Today, everyone is an administrator on the popular social news Web site Reddit. I’m considering signing up for an account just to see what exactly being an administrator entails, but I’m afraid I’m going to wake up tomorrow and feel empty being just a lowly user.

TEXTp saves YouTube bandwidth and money


YouTube has been going through a lot of changes lately. But today’s addition is by far the best one yet! Viewers have the ability to view videos in something YouTube is calling TEXTp. I don’t guarantee you’ll always be able to make out what you’re seeing in front of you in this mode, but at least you’ll be saving YouTube $1 a second, so give it a try. If you’re looking for a particular video to enjoy in the new format, I highly recommend this one – it actually looks cool.

Hulu goes to the third dimension


In my frenzy to write this post, I haven’t truly figured out what exactly Hulu is getting at today, but I suspect it has a lot more to do than just seeing TV shows in 3D today. Click to start any show or clip and you’ll notice a 3D glasses icon on the left. Click that and you’re in for a confidential video “for internal use only.” Watch it if you dare, but be wary of more brain rot as a result.

Funny or Die has Bieber fever


I’m sorry. Now that I’ve mentioned Justin Bieber’s name on my blog, it’s sure to get swarmed by crazed teenagers that just can’t get enough of the prepubescent star. Well, it can’t be much worse than what happened to the comedy video site Funny or Die today, where “Justin Bieber has decided to buy Funny or Die and do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires.” This site is not for the faint of heart or those that break things whenever they see Justin Bieber’s face, so click through only if you dare to.

You have 108 minutes to buy this alarm clock


I have to include this prank because I thought it was real. I was actually contemplating spending $49.99 to get my very own Dharma Initiative alarm clock. Straight out of “Lost,” this thing makes you put in the legendary numbers of the TV show to turn it off. True to form, if you don’t enter the numbers correctly, hieroglyphics will appear and you’ll have to face the consequences. By the way, if you want to verify that it’s a joke, just click “buy now” and you’ll be served the disappointment that I had to go through.

How long does it take?


How long does it take to search “april fools” on Google today? Well, go to the homepage and find out for yourself. For me, it took 73.73 jiffies. That’s pretty damn fast!

In closing

I already know of a ton more pranks throughout the internet, but I think it’s time to wrap this and get it posted. For now, I’m going to leave you with a list of links to more pranks. Maybe I’ll expand on them later.

Google physicists discover extra dimension in Street View

3D books! Google Books now offers digital books in a new dimension

Gmail loses its vowels (you have to be signed out of your account for this one)

Google’s newest Mobile Search: Where am I? (give this one a try on your phone to discover if it’s truly a prank)

Government bans CollegeHumor and tracks your IP address

Google Translate for animals

Qualcomm holds press conference on butterfly attacks (for a one-two prank punch, view the press conference in TEXTp)

ThinkGeek announces iCade, an iPad Arcade Cabinet

NBC announces nationwide “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” tour to compete with Conan O’Brien

Google announces Google Reader ReaderAdvantage Program

Are there any other pranks that should be mentioned? What do you think of this year’s pranks? How do they stack up to last year’s? Leave your comments below.


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