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January 1, 2010 / Ryan Cohick

‘Real World D.C.’ kicks off

'Real World D.C.' cast


We’ve heard 23 groups of young adults announce “This is the story of eight strangers…” With that many seasons, how can a show like “The Real World” remain entertaining and worth watching? By staying original and sticking to a simple, but proven, formula: Throw eight people that come from different parts of the country and backgrounds into an awesomely decked out house and see what happens. If the first episode of “Real World D.C.” is any indication, this could be a really good season.

I’ve only once religiously watched “The Real World.” Two seasons ago, when the show took on Brooklyn, I was hooked. The group was dynamic and interesting without being over-the-top in the drama department. Well, maybe when JD smashed the glass table… Hmm.

So far, after watching the first episode of the D.C. version, it seems like things might play out the same way. Already I’m intrigued by the cast. From Colorado to Philadelphia (represent!), the group is from all over the country. Here are a few of the more interesting backgrounds and tidbits:

  • Andrew: Is he a virgin or isn’t he? This boy is a bit awkward, a bit funny and a bit of a liar. I get the impression that gullible is written on the ceiling whenever Andrew is around. Oh, and did I mention that he sleeps with a polar bear? Are we all going to be rooting for Andrew to get some action, or will his antics make him more of a pain?
  • Mike: In this first episode, Mike nonchalantly recounts to the group how many times he’s had sex: “I’ve had sex with like 15 girls, and five guys.” Wait, wha? This boy shrugs off his bisexuality as just one part of him, which is admirable, but I don’t think it’s going to be that simple later in the season when roommates’ feelings are involved.
  • Erika: This girl can sing. I’m excited to see how her talent manifests itself throughout the season.
  • Callie: Small-town girl goes to the big city. Will she go crazy?
  • Ty: Atheist (see next paragraph). If he’s as opinionated about everything as he is about his religious beliefs, I have a feeling a lot of debating is going to happen this season.

Besides settling into their new digs, which are pretty awesome, this inaugural episode already saw a small tiff over religion. I’m not sure if the episode spotlighted everyone’s different religious backgrounds to set the stage for the tiff, but everyone has different beliefs and opinions. Ty, an atheist, felt the need to impose his non-belief onto the believers in the group. Mike and Ashley immediately butted heads with him over this. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the end of this debate.

One interesting aspect that I just realized was that I didn’t see one drink being made or drank. Has “The Real World” started attending alcoholics anonymous? I don’t see how some of the usual drama of the show can occur without libations flowing, but the group didn’t immediately pour a drink when they settled in. This will be something worth taking note of throughout the season.

Finally, I was pleased to discover that MTV is showing the first episode on demand on their web site. Hopefully that remains true for the rest of the season since one would expect the ever-trendy MTV to stay on top of social media. And the greater thing about the episode being posted online is that I can embed it here for you to watch!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What did you all think of the first episode? Is this going to be a good season or a flop? Share your comments below.



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  1. Amanda Snyder / Jan 2 2010 1:33 pm

    Nice Ryan. I watched the ep yesterday after reading your blog. Josh is from South Philly…yay. Now I have to work on tracking him down haha. Blog more often!

  2. Josh Ford / Jan 2 2010 2:25 pm

    I think the next couple episodes will decide if it will be a flop or not. Andrew is just plain weird and i see his personality becoming very annoying to the rest of the house. Ashley is wayy too sensitive on her religious views- now I know Ty attacked her but I think she will be the one crying in the corner anytime someone says something against her beliefs. Mike will be interesting to follow- the previews already showed that his sexuality will cause tensions. It’s a weird group of people and I feel like they casted this season in ‘pairs’. Not the normal expected real world cast this season. We’ll seeeeeee. Keep posting 🙂

  3. Doug / Jan 2 2010 7:27 pm

    The casting people have a knack for choosing people for this show who are bound to challenge each other’s inevitably myopic but strongly held world views.

    As a fellow atheist, I’m thrilled to see an articulate one on TV evincing the double standard Christians maintain: flaunt your faith all you want and denounce as deplorable the views of those who don’t share it. It’s not only unacceptable to be an unbeliever; it’s unacceptable even to admit it. Coming out as an atheist is even more stigmatized than coming out as gay, so I applaud him for doing it, getting in their faces about it and sticking to his guns.

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