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September 23, 2009 / Ryan Cohick

Ryan returns?

Ryan Cohick

Before I resume posting, I thought I’d write a short entry on where I disappeared to since July 21, 2009…

First, my apologies to my loyal readers. All three of you. I really appreciate the support of anyone reading this and would love your feedback. It makes writing this more worthwhile and will hopefully help me in shaping where I go with a blog and what I write.

I want my blog to mean something.

Having said that, I’m always open to ideas. I think for the time being I’m going to continue talking mainly about pop culture and other tidbits that interest me, but my goal will be to add some depth to these posts. Writing this blog will no longer be about simply relaying information that you can find elsewhere. The goal is to see more of me when you read Ry(me) or Reason.

I have a number of posts I’m in the process of conjuring up. My first, Mika’s new album, in which I roll out something I’m going to call “First Impressions.” The goal with this column/category will be to talk about something I’m listening to for only the first or second time. I have some neat ideas for this. Second, watch out for some “Mad Men” stuff. I feel like I’m beginning to understand the deeper meaning of each episode that so many of my blogging peers have discovered. I’m not afraid that I watch each episode twice a week to see if I can pick up more the second time through. If I’m going to devote two hours of my life to a TV show, might as well publicly interpret, right?

But these are just the beginnings of my ideas. Do you have anything you think I should tackle? Let me know.



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  1. dorkblog / Sep 23 2009 8:02 am

    Maybe write things that are meaningful to your rather than topical on other blogs?

  2. rowan / Dec 3 2009 8:24 am

    We want to hear more about you!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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