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June 29, 2009 / Ryan Cohick

‘Transformers’ isn’t all bad

Source: Associated Press

Source: Associated Press

It may not be the most amazing movie ever, but it definitely isn’t the worst movie either. Michael Bay’s sequel, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is an action-packed summer popcorn movie definitely worth checking out in the theater.

From hearing not-so-great things about the movie, I was convinced “Transformers” was going to be a waste of two hours of my life. Imagine my surprise when one hour and 45 minutes in, I was captivated enough to want to see how things would pan out.

So here are some things that I’ve heard or read and my reaction.

I think the biggest thing I heard was that the movie really didn’t have much of a plot. My response: “Transformers” is first and foremost an action flick. Don’t go into this movie if you want to leave feeling like you’ve just watched the best story of your life. Action and coincidences fill in any plot holes, and all-in-all, the movie really never takes time to stop and smell the roses. Although most, especially critics, may not appreciate this, I didn’t think the movie failed at the story that it does tell.

In matter of fact, I thought certain parts of the story were interesting. For one, we get a backstory of the Transformers and why there are Autobots and Decepticons and why they were ever on Earth in the first place. The movie picks up two years after the events of the first. The Autobots are busy seeking out Decepticons and beginning to question whether they should remain on Earth when the Decepticons and the big nasty of them all, The Fallen, decide it’s time to seek revenge and annihilate humankind once and for all.

Source: Associated Press

Source: Associated Press

Another complaint I heard was that “Transformers” lacks the human touch of the first. That depends what you consider the human touch. I think that the writers of the movie tried their best to give the Transformers themselves a human touch since the story focuses more on them than establishing the human characters’ involvement. By the end of the movie you’ll be thinking to yourself that Optimus Prime is the man.

Having said that, the only human characters that really get attention are Sam (Shia LeBeouf), his girlfriend Mikeala (Megan Fox) and Agent Simmons from Sector 7 (John Turturro). The rest of the returning characters really only act in supporting roles. Despite the lack of multiple human-related stories like we saw in the first “Transformers,” I felt like the Shia-centered story was fine. It wasn’t until after the movie that I realized there wasn’t much of a focus on the other returning characters.

One weird criticism I heard was that the transforming happens so often and so crazily that it just sort of all blurs by. Again, this movie is an action flick. The focus isn’t on discovering the Transformers this time, so their transforming becomes secondary. I really didn’t think there was a problem here.

On top of that, the special effects are actually pretty awesome. The transforming itself may not be as drawn out, but there is definitely plenty of eye candy to keep even the casual watcher wooed.

All in all, there was only one thing that put a little red flag up in my mind. At the end of the movie, the writers leave one small strand to open it up for a third movie. That’s fine by me: I’ll pay to go so see another one. The problem is it was the most obvious strand ever and it put a sour taste in my mouth.

But I quickly washed that sour taste out of my mouth with my big bucket of popcorn and reminded myself that this money-making machine of a movie is nothing more than a summer blockbuster made to bring out the masses of people ($201 million worth by Sunday night, by the way).

Did you see the movie? Let me know what you thought of it in the comment section below.

As usual, get the lowdown on “Transformers” by checking out its page.


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  1. Beaver / Jul 8 2009 4:41 am

    The strand that was left open was pretty typical of the cartoons back in the day. Star Scream is a coward, and would almost always be the one who fled and rebuilt the Decepticons army.

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