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April 23, 2009 / Ryan Cohick

Ry(me) or Reason launches

Author Ryan Cohick

Author Ryan Cohick

Hi everyone! I’m going to start short and simple, just to get my feet wet using WordPress.

Stay tuned for more content later.



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  1. David L Jones / Apr 23 2009 2:31 am

    Great start Ryan! Glad you chose WordPress, it’s fantastic. And the name is very clever. I need to be more clever with my naming and writing as well.

    I really hope you didn’t think I was presurring you to buy anything as I dont mind one way or the other. I just wanted to set that code up for you in case you decide you enjoy blogging and want to save some money with the setup now or in the future.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll definately keep checking out the site. It’s good to actually know people in new media rather than just follow aimlessly which is what I’ve been doing until I found you and Haberman on Twitter.

  2. Jeremiah / Apr 23 2009 2:36 am

    Sweet! I look forward to reading.

  3. Emma Kat / Apr 23 2009 9:18 am

    As soon as I stop being horrendously lazy and get my website all shinied up, this blog be linked!

    Also, let me know how you fair with WordPress. I have a sort-of blog on blogger, and it sort-of blows.

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